Wait List Procedure

Applicants wishing to register at Monarch Park Montessori are able to have their name added to our wait list if a spot in either our Toddler or Casa program is not immediately available. We require that parents arrange a tour before submitting their application to our wait list. Submitting the application does not guarantee admission. Applicants will be contacted once a spot becomes available.

Monarch Park Montessori does not charge any fees or request any deposits for registration on a waitlist, or removal from a waitlist.

Enrolment Seniority Procedure for New or Waitlisted Applicants

Space Availability:

Space in a program is offered to waitlisted parents in accordance with priority. Children are placed numerically on the waitlist based on the date and time that the registration is received by Monarch Park Montessori. In order for a waitlisted child or new applicant to be offered a spot for enrolment, a spot must be vacant in our Toddler or Casa program, which matches (or is later than) the month in the school year which the child is applying for. For children who will spend part of a school year in the Toddler program and part of a year in the Casa program, openings must exist in both programs for the child to be offered enrolment.

Parents may inquire with respect to their waitlist status at any time by contacting the Supervisor. MPM will disclose the child’s position on the waitlist to parents who request this information. This will be provided in a manner that ensures confidentiality of all our families.

When a space in a program becomes available, parents will be notified via phone call or email. Upon acceptance of the space and start date, a one-time non-refundable registration fee will be charged. Enrolment forms and registration formalities must also be completed at this time.

Removal from a Waitlist

When a spot becomes available and is offered to parents via phone call or email, the parent has 3 days to accept the spot. If Monarch Park Montessori does not hear back from the family the spot will be offered to another family. If, after having been removed from a waitlist, parents’ circumstances change, and they wish to return to the program, the families position on the waitlist will be added to the end of the list to ensure fairness for all applicants.

Cancelling a Waitlist Registration

Families who wish to cancel their registration on a waitlist must submit a request through e-mail.

Please note that all offers of enrolment for our Casa program are conditional upon the child being toilet trained or actively working toward that goal. Children in diapers or pull-ups will not be offered spots in our Casa program.